Thank you for your interest in our new money class.
We can only take a limited number of participants for our pilot group, so please fill out the following application.
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Why do you want to be a part of the pilot group for our class? *

Tell us about a time in the past when you committed to something, that commitment was challenged by life's circumstances, but you fulfilled your commitment anyway. *

Are you willing to make BIG changes in your life, and do things you may not have done before? Are you willing to try something new? *

Things like making a budget, sticking to a budget, changing your lifestyle (perhaps no restaurants), talk about money with your spouse or an accountability partner, etc
Are you willing to be an active participant in a private/secret facebook group with other members of the class, discussing the lessons, financial challenges, etc? *

Are you willing to provide constructive criticism to make the class better for future participants? *

Can you tow the line between too nice and being a jerk?
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